Rebels of Cydoria

City in the Mirage, second session

Across Markania by aeroship

Tagrum — Pyrnis

Sky pirate attack

From behind a bank of clouds came a fast pirate aeroship above the Strangling Swamp. Groo could not evade. Tarse, Alpha One and Lord Kendrick fired burst after burst of plasma at the enemy vessel. Singed pirates fell from the sky and the ship broke off its attack. They hadn’t reckoned on such difficult prey.

Pyrnis was a small Rakkadian mining town, smaller than Tagrum. The locals knew nothing of Sweetwater. After some minor mechanical trouble, the aeroship was soon aloft again.

Pyrnis — Sweetwater

The Tears of Chador crossed the wide lands of Markania, and the twisted rock spires of the Loca Loca Mountains. The sun was setting across the desert as they arrived at Sweetwater.

Arrival at Sweetwater

The local kingpin and his shady-looking honchos met the crew of the Tears of Chador at the landing strip. Magister Reeg and Lord Kendrick were invited to stay with the governor; the rest were left to their own devices.

Drinks at the Golden Goblet

Sweetwater was a one-horse town and a one-bar town. The bar was the Golden Goblet. Its proprietor was friendly and chatty. The usual petty gamblers, local drinkers and pretty whores were present.

The Crazy Old Man from near the Dune Sea

At one point a crazy old man came in, ranting about Demetria and his special powers. Kitra bought him a jar of drink and stepped outside to chat.


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