Rebels of Cydoria

The Mountain of Power, first session

The Collector's mission

Two dissidents arrive in the refinery town of Tagrum on the Sea of Messages. Kitra, a Demetrian noble and embittered veteran of a lost war; and Felix Tarse, an apparently clean and upstanding Norukarian merchant who secretly dabbles in smuggling and techno-heresy.

On the low-tech outskirts (Ruside — named after the wild lands of Haru to the west) of the refinery town the two meet up with the mysterious hookah-smoking Collector, an alien epicurist and smuggler, and his steadfast Awan guards. The Collector wants them to investigate a mountain in the western wilderness of Haru, where he has located large amounts of valuable and powerful elements. Unfortunately this mountain has been claimed by a rather xenophobic group of Samirian warriors. Furthermore a previous expedition by another techno-heretic, the Bone Man, has not returned…


nehwon nehwon

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