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The Mountain of Power

  1. The Mountain of Power, first session, 1st August 2014 (PM, NB, ND)
  2. The Mountain of Power, second session, 29th August 2014 (PM, NB, ND, BM, BOC)
  3. The Mountain of Power, third session, 27th March 2015 (PM, NB, ND, BM, BOC)

City in the Mirage

  1. City in the Mirage, first session, 29th May 2015 (PM, NB, ND, BOC)
  2. City in the Mirage, second session, 28th August 2015 (PM, NB, ND, BM, BOC)
  3. City in the Mirage, third session, 4th March 2016 (PM, NB, ND, BOC, DS)
  4. City in the Mirage, fourth session, 1st April 2016 (PM, NB, ND, BM, BOC)
  5. City in the Mirage, fifth session, 1st September 2017 (PM, NB, ND, DF, BOC)
  6. City in the Mirage, sixth session, 6th October 2017 (PM, NB, BOC, DS)
  7. City in the Mirage, seventh session, 27th October 2017 (PM, NB, ND, BOC)

Blade of Takasha

  1. Blade of Takasha, first session, 2nd March 2018 (PM, NB, ND, BOC, DS)


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