Rebels of Cydoria

City in the Mirage, first session

The expedition begins

An Invitation from Magister Reeg

Felix Tarse received a mysterious invitation from fellow Norukarian Magister Reeg, a notable of the University of Vrildar. He was assembling an archeological expedition to western Markania, and wanted the assistance of Tarse (and his airship, and tough crew).

The expedition members

Tarse, Kitra, Alpha One and Groo arrived at Reeg’s apartment via lightning-train and were shown into a well-appointed room. There they met the other expedition members:

  • Magister Kulik Reeg, scholar and professor
  • Chief expedition backer, war hero and known tomb robber Lord Garrus Kendrick
  • his Norukarian bodyguards Trin and Kabak
  • his Targan retainers Dergo and Frunk
  • Five Varzan students: Osso, Bonn, Somon, Dani and Pagi

After some negotiation, Tarse agreed to join the expedition.

Remember Demetria? Anyone?

Kitra of House Vlahos searched Norukar for any tidbits of information she could get from the Demetrian resisistance. But the search was dispiriting. Norukar was one of the first cities to join with the Vrildarians; there was no sign of any resistance. Kitra even risked public callsigns, but Alpha One warned her away from attracting the unwelcome attention of the Octavium.


The Tears of Chador lifted off from Norukar Aeroport with the deft Deru Groo at the helm, and the bustling city slipped quicky astern. The journey would take several legs, with recharge stops every 7-8 hours. During the trip, Lord Kendrick insisted on smoking his pipe and telling war stories, which offended Kitra (who had fought on the other side).

Norukar — Tibris

First port of call was Tibris, a smaller Vrildarian city. Osso the student showed interest in Kitra and she in turn was keen to pump him for information, so they disembarked while the deru charged the aerostats. Kitra skillfully got the young student tipsy. He expressed his student ideals, confessing that he sought to change the Vrildarian government.

Tibris — Tagrum

The Tears of Chador crossed the Sea of Messages to Tagrum.

Felix Tarse and Alpha One visited Azarello’s Bar. The grumpy bartender greeted them. Business was doing well

Meanwhile, Magister Reeg invited Kitra for a drink in Newt’n. He enjoyed himself, but warned Kitra to stay away from Osso.


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